Spoons Comission

In 2011 I was commisioned by Norman Stevens, a collector of wooden spoons from artisans from around the world, to make some spoons for his collection.

Heres what Norman said about my spoon.

 In early 2011, Sally Dodson of the Heritage Crafts Association sent me a list of a number of British spoon carvers and made the initial contact with a number of them, including Simon Hill, for me. Simon works as an arborist and the Laburnum spoon he created is made from one of two trees that formed an arch over the entrance to an old house. That tree had to be removed after it was hit by a delivery van. The owner indicated that the tree was 100 years old and Simon counted about 60 growth rings or more. The tree had some decay but some of the sound wood was saved for special projects. His unsigned spoon arrived in April 2011. Its traditional spoon pattern takes full advantage of the grain and color of the wood. Of special note is the way he managed to center all of a small circular section in the middle of the notch just above the handle and the patterns on the top of the back of the handle and on both sides of the bowl. In addition this is a spoon that not only fits the hand perfectly but also has a special feeling to it when handled and rubbed or stroked. It is one of the finest tactile spoons in the collection.

Here is the spoon.

Made from Laburnum